My Mother, you who stand continually with arms outstretched, imploring from your Divine Son mercy and compassion for all in need, ask that He give me his holy love, holy fear and holy grace, that I may never commit a mortal sin. Ask him to take my life rather than offend him.

Obtain for me, my Mother, the grace to have for the good Jesus, the love and trust which holy souls had, and for an increase in faith, hope and charity. And do you, Mother, teach me to do always his holy will.

Bless us, Holy Virgin. Bless my family and deliver it from all evil.

Help the agonizing poor souls and beseech your Divine Son to pardon them and save them from the torments of hell.

Intercede for us, my Mother, at the throne of your Divine Son, that his wrath, justice and rigour may be appeased, and that the whole world may be spared the great chastisement which we all deserve.

Pray, my Mother, for our beloved Fatherland and free it from the evils which threaten it.

Confound the plans of its enemies, who are enemies of Jesus.

I ask you, finally, my Mother, to spread the luminour rays of the mercy of the good Jesus on our souls, and be near me in all the perils of my life. Amen.

3 Hail Marys, Glory be to the Father

With ecclesiastical approval.


ultimo aggiornamento 11 aprile, 2011