In order to use correctly the water of the Shrine at Collevalenza, it is necessary to understand its spiritual significance and the reasons why Divine Providence has given it to us through Mother Speranza.

  1. Water, a Sign of Grace

Water is one of the material elements used in the Bible to describe spiritual and supernatural events:


  1. Water, an Instrument of Mercy

In the Bible, water is also used to perform miracles, including the healing of incurably sick persons:


  1. The Origin of the Water at the Shrine

The story of the origin of the well can be summed up as follows:


  1. The Purpose of the Water

We learn the purpose of the well and the baths from what Mother Speranza has said on this subject:

  1. The Water and the Message of the Shrine

The purpose of the water is linked to the spiritual message proclaimed at the Shrine by Mother Speranza:


  1. The Water and the Message of the Shrine

The following guidelines may be helpful:


  1. The Churchís Attitude to this Apostolate

After a long period of cautious discernment by the Church authorities, during which the baths remained closed, in 1972 the Shrine was permitted to exercise this apostolate. The immersion of the sick is preceded by a penitential rite known as the Liturgy of the Waters.

Prayer for the Shrine
O my Jesus, bring to this Shrine people from every part of the world not only those who seek bodily healing but also those who seek to rid their souls of the leprosy of habitual and mortal sin. Jesus, help, console and comfort all who are in need. Let everyone see you, not as a severe judge, but as a father full of love and mercy, who takes no account of his childrenís offences but forgives them and forgets.

Prayer during the Immersion
My Lord and my God, through your love and mercy heals us, your children, of every illness, especially those which human science is unable to cure. Grant that with your help we can always keep our souls free from every serious sin.    


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